Our Business

Pilot undertakes the responsibility to carry out successfully the supply of a vessel with deck, engine, safety and cabin, as well as small repairs (turbo charger repairs, reconditioning of main and auxiliary engine spare parts, radio room repairs, automation, etc). In addition, through our sister company, Pilion Hellas SA, we undertake the supply of provisions, cabin and bonded stores.

We offer our services in every Greek port and in most of the neighboring Mediterranean countries (Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Turkey, France etc) on a 24/7 basis, all around the year.

Pilot Marine Supplies was established in 1995 by Vasileios Kavoussanakis and Dimitrios Tzekos, as a company determined to stay at the cutting edge of the marine industry and offer top quality services and materials, both to owners and crew members.

With activity to Piraeus for many years, Pilot Marine Supplies is a leading company in ship supply. During these years our company has grown into an important factor in the Mediterranean market, with a commitment to always provide excellent services, quality materials and competitive prices, aiming to satisfy customers at any cost. Thus, it is able to lead the market and face the future with optimism.

That is why Pilot, having the experience, skills and ability to provide top class services at very competitive prices are the best and most reliable solution for your supply ships.

Pilot offers the highest quality materials in the most competitive prices available in the market. In order to do so, we import directly the technical stores from manufacturers from all over the world. (Aprox. 65% of our supplying items are imported directly). Thus, we manage to keep our overheads as low as possible and offer the best “Value for money” solutions available.

Being in a position to store a very large stock of imported technical items (hand tools, electric equipment, washing machines, dryers etc), We also export to other ship supplying companies all over the world with special prices being available upon request.


Pilot today after almost 2 decades actively on the field of technical supplies can boast for the excellent service and quality it provides with reasonable cost to our clients.

From our offices of 200 sq.mtr and our warehouses covering more than 2500 sq.mtr, our fleet of 12 trucks and vehicles to our warehouses which house over 5.000 products, we have tailored our services to meet all your needs, be that quality, price, time or all of the above.

We look in to the future with confidence and await to fulfill all your requests.


  • Dimitris Tzekos
  • General Manager
  • Vassilis Kavoussanakis
  • General  Manager – Marine Supplies Manager
  • Theodoros  Kondilakis
  •  Financial Manager
  • Spiros Tzekos
  • Provisions Dpt. Manager (PILION HELLAS SA)

The last years our company  has been established dynamically in the market of provisions via our company PILION HELLAS SA that operates in the Greek market since 1970 as general ship suppliers of Provisions. It is one of the few Greek Ship-Supplying firms with privately owned facilities (Warehouse, Trucks and Refrigeration Chambers) licensed from European Union Authorities. The products are of the highest quality, conforms to the requirements of ISO 22000 certified by TUV ICB.The Warehouse, with stocking space above 1000m2, includes:

• Ten booths cooling
• Approved deposit for products transit
• Bonded stores